Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. "   - Gandhi 

In June, I completed my first year at a new-to-me school. Before then, I had taught at the same elementary school that I had attended from K-8, volunteered at while in high school, and then worked at during and after college ( subtracting only 2 years at a different school).

The change was hard because I was so invested in the children and families of that parish community ( the one I grew up with) but I'm so happy that my new community is just as amazing. I am so grateful to have wound up at a school where not only the children and parents are awesome, but my coworkers too!

My school, a Catholic school in the Bay Area, was founded on the Augustinian principles of unitas, veritas, and caritas ( unity, truth, and love) and I really feel that in the day to day interactions within the community.

The first year I kind of coasted to learn the lay of the land, but I'm looking forward to diving right in. Officially my title is Learning Support Coordinator/Junior High Teacher. I teach language arts and math to 6th and 8th grades and coordinate all special needs for student support at both ends of the spectrum. This year I will also get to do something that I miss from my old school and moderate Student Council. So excited!

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