Saturday, August 23, 2014

That first week exhaustion though...

Well! Happy new year!

School started on Wednesday and by a miracle and a prayer and long long hours the library/counselor's office became my classroom just in the nick of time! 
My screen still needs to be hung, and it turns out that this room can get pretty toasty when you cram 18 6th graders and I in it, but the difference is pretty amazing when I think about where I started just a week before school began. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


There is approximately one week and one day left until the first day of school. Normally at this time I'm beginning to plan lessons and think about the curriculum that I will teach. This year I have the pleasure however of moving to a new classroom. It is a long process that is not nearly finished. Yesterday I packed up all of the belongings of my coworker whose room it used to be. Unfortunately she is still recovering from an illness out-of-state. Yesterday and today with the help of my mom and a former student, we packed up and moved 25 boxes, a filing cabinet.... completely full by the way, my teacher desk, and help to clean our courtyard for the parent event tomorrow night. 
Fortunately today I also had the help of my coworker and one member from student council. 
My room is still a disaster area,  but I can actually start to see how it will take shape. I still need to move 12 desks and chairs, the chest of drawers, and my printer cabinet. 
Teacher meetings start tomorrow and I have jury duty on Monday. Oh well, who needs a weekend right? 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Blog Design!

I would like to thank Barbara Leyne at Ruby Slippers Blog Designs  for this amazing makeover! ( My old design was just an icky standard blogger template.)  Barbara was helpful, timely, amazingly supportive and truly a pleasure to work with!   It makes me excited to write!

Saturday, August 2, 2014


This year our school has a new principal and is starting a pre-k to better serve the needs of our community. As with any change in administration there are some big changes to the overall running of the school. This summer I've spent quite a lot of time helping our new principal get things in shape. Talk about time crunches!

One of the changes being made is that I have to switch my classroom. Oy. There are two options, but the first option  is that I would/will move into a room that has been used as a library/counselor's office. Of course before that could happen something had to be done about all of those books! So the past few days I have been sorting into 
Keep for 5th-8th
Keep for k-4

Let me tell ya, I have a new appreciation for librarians! I would optimistically judge that I am  65% finished.( but 100% finished with the sorting)  It's a mess! 

Two weeks to go until school starts!