Saturday, August 2, 2014


This year our school has a new principal and is starting a pre-k to better serve the needs of our community. As with any change in administration there are some big changes to the overall running of the school. This summer I've spent quite a lot of time helping our new principal get things in shape. Talk about time crunches!

One of the changes being made is that I have to switch my classroom. Oy. There are two options, but the first option  is that I would/will move into a room that has been used as a library/counselor's office. Of course before that could happen something had to be done about all of those books! So the past few days I have been sorting into 
Keep for 5th-8th
Keep for k-4

Let me tell ya, I have a new appreciation for librarians! I would optimistically judge that I am  65% finished.( but 100% finished with the sorting)  It's a mess! 

Two weeks to go until school starts!

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