Tuesday, August 12, 2014


There is approximately one week and one day left until the first day of school. Normally at this time I'm beginning to plan lessons and think about the curriculum that I will teach. This year I have the pleasure however of moving to a new classroom. It is a long process that is not nearly finished. Yesterday I packed up all of the belongings of my coworker whose room it used to be. Unfortunately she is still recovering from an illness out-of-state. Yesterday and today with the help of my mom and a former student, we packed up and moved 25 boxes, a filing cabinet.... completely full by the way, my teacher desk, and help to clean our courtyard for the parent event tomorrow night. 
Fortunately today I also had the help of my coworker and one member from student council. 
My room is still a disaster area,  but I can actually start to see how it will take shape. I still need to move 12 desks and chairs, the chest of drawers, and my printer cabinet. 
Teacher meetings start tomorrow and I have jury duty on Monday. Oh well, who needs a weekend right? 

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