Friday, October 3, 2014

Math of the Ancients

One day at an in-service I sat next to a fellow teacher. A man who had been teaching in his district for over 50 years. He was having some trouble with his laptop and  as I helped about we discussed how the role of technology has changed in his career. Now he was pretty up and savvy, and he said that about 10 years ago he noticed that his eighth-grade students were being a little overconfident and arrogant about the technology that they had at their disposal. Because of that, he would always have his students make an Abacus. And use only the Abacus as their calculating tool for tests or assignments. Genius! So of course I had to borrow/steal that idea. So here we have it , the culmination of a project in which my eighth graders researched counting tools throughout history, made an abacus, and then recorded a video on how to use their abacus.  I think they turned out really nicely and their videos were great!