Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Slope of a City

Learning about slope and linear equations isn't hard, but man can it be tedious. In order to jazz it up, I created a project where the eighth graders looked at maps. We used coordinate grids on transparency paper ( heh...still have boxes of that stuff to use from the days of my trusty projector!)  and placed them over local maps. This served a couple of purposes, one; we were able to see how crazy awful some city planners were when they 'planned' roads and two; of course this led to a scavenger hunt!  Using local maps, the students had to choose a location, and formulate the equations to get there. Then they switched off and tried to find out where the others' secret locations were.
To culminate our study, the students then created a city of their own using what they had learned about slope and coming up with an equation for each line.

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