Saturday, December 6, 2014

Northern California Blogger Meetup

Yay! It happened! It happened!

Last night a fantastic group of teachers gathered at Firehouse 37 in San Ramon for the first ( that we know of) NorCal blogger meet up. Some of this blog, some of us selling TPT, some of us didn't either but were interested, and a few did both.

What's always amazing about getting together with other teachers, is the sense of sympathy and camaraderie  that you experience. Only other teachers can understand the struggle of giving your whole heart every single minute of every day---  whether you are with your students or not. Only other teachers can empathize with one another about parents import coworkers administration and all of the extras that need to get crammed into every day. 

We had a fantastic first meet up, and plans are already going through our heads for the spring! And of course, Vegas next summer, which many of us want to attend!