Sunday, January 25, 2015

Open House: unity and truth!

Some people call it a dog and pony show, and I suppose that's one way of looking at it, but despite the stress of that "last Sunday in January", I've always loved it!

Open House is a way to invite the parents and relatives in. For them to see the classroom atmosphere in action. Many of our parents are so busy ( most times necessarily) that they don't get a chance to be as active as they would want. One of the parents today exclaimed, "wow what a great place to learn!"  It builds a bond with parents when they are able to see where there children are spending their 'awake hours'

Middle of the Year clean up! I love Open house because it puts the pressure on to clean up. Organize the library! Hide...I mean... File those papers! 

Stressful? It can be. Dog and pony show? Eh. I think if you're not careful it can be. A demonstration of unity and truth? Absolutely! 

If only it didn't take up a precious weekend!