Monday, March 16, 2015

Breakfast at breakneck speed!

I am NOT a breakfast lover. I don't like pancakes, abhor waffles, could do without donuts, etc etc. what I do love is carbs... A bagel, toast, pasta, a muffin, rice, happy, happy happy! 

However, I have been really conscious about eliminating a lot of carbs from my diet. The biggest challenge to that is upping the protein without turning strict carnivore. 

Then take into account that I dislike breakfast so much, and if it's not convenient I'd rather just whine pout ,do without ,and then get super ravenous and eat everything and anything later on. 

So these methods are really a godsend! Add to it that I can make 12 at a time and get three or four breakfast out of it, and it's a winner! 

Again, it's an easy and super quick recipe. I took nine eggs, a cup and a half of shredded cheese, and salsa verde. I have also used a tomato basil sauce and pepperoni in the past, or olives or mushrooms, basically anything you could stick in an omelette. Bake it in the 360° oven for 25 minutes. Ta da! Delicious! And most importantly I don't have to worry about breakfast or lunches for the week!

* well healthier anyway! 

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