Monday, July 13, 2015

Projects and plans

I think I love summer most of all.

Not because of travel or rejuvenation, but because I can plan and work on projects that I never have time to work on during the year. 

This year, because I, switching classrooms and subjects, there has been a lot of planning. Social Studies has always been a favorite of mine! I have to admit to feeling some big time sadness and withdrawal however since I won't be teaching math this year. It was hard to pack up my teacher books, and even harder to pack up my math manipulatives. 

But on to the planning. 

The first project involved cleaning the room and getting rid of LOTS of extra furniture and reconfiguring the book shelves. Then there is this bad boy. Green table top monster. This is going to be the turn in table/student center. The drawers will hold paper. I plan on storing the ipads underneath...although I haven't decided how yet.

Then there's this project 

The pits underneath the lockers had to be hidden. So I sewed curtains. I'm actually still in the process of sewing curtains for the top. Don't worry, I have a plan to cover the locker doors too. Notice the Orange? I hung 14 feet of cork tile up on this wall and the opposite wall.....that was a looooot of command adhesive strips. 

I got rid of the horribly heavy chairs with the baskets on the bottom and rescued these from the dungeon...which is what we call our storage/utility room. Love the duct tape makeover. I have five chairs to go around the small group table. 

Currently working on sewing pillows for the reading corner. I actually don't have the room for a super cool reading corner, but I couldn't resist these fabric rectangles that I found at an estate sale so pillows they shall become. 

This is a picture of the front of the room, as decorated by the previous occupant. He was awesome and left me the ficus, who I have christened Henry Caesar. Actually I was just going to call him Henry, but my mom, who has been helping me, told me that Henry was a horrible name for a ficus. 

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