Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tis the night before School

It's the night before school 
and all through my mind
My brain is screaming,
I wish I had more time

What happened to summer?
And finding time to blog?
What happened to getting it done?
Has it all been a bog?

Okay so there was summer school
And moving to a new room.
I reorganized my library,
And fought the filing cabinet of doom.

I scheduled and sewed
And helped the school get prepared
I mentored and taught
Lots of things to be shared.

But now as I wait
For the coming of dawn
I wonder if my summer was spent in the wrong? 

Did I spend too much effort
To help others get ready?
Did I say yes too much, 
Which is why I feel unsteady?

Just a few questions to ponder
As I procrastinate
Because really I know
That tonight I will be up late.

But it occurs to me now
As I set and reflect
That if it was June again
I'd keep every project.

There's no use regretting
Or moaning from above
I'm sure that my students
Will feel unity,truth, and love 

Those are the core values
That our school strives to teach
And I showed them all this summer
Although, it would have been better to be at the beach.