Sunday, January 31, 2016

Open House

Every year, the last Sunday of January ( usually) kicks off Catholic schools week. It is a time where all Catholic schools in the nation celebrate their commitment to religious education.  Part of that is usually an Open House where the community ( parents, students and prospective families) can come in and see the work that is being done.

Today was our Open House so I thought I'd share a few pics of the hrs work going on in 6th grade and Social Studies

This is the door to my classroom. Each student chose an example of a "work of mercy" that he or she had performed. 

In reflecting on our core value of Love, each student made a map of their hearts.Filled with the things they love.

The 8th graders collaborated to think of words, images, and events that were significant to the United States. Since most of them were born in 2002, post 9-11 terms and talk play a big part in their lives.

Islam portfolios from earlier in the year.

A collaborative MLK (@artwithjennyk resource) 

Artwork inspired by our study of China.

My class is filled with Egyptian royalty.

Half of the 6th graders' research reports. Along with African inspired symmetrical masks above the lockers.

From the door looking in at the library and small group table. 

Our lockers. Each student took a "personality" picture. They were a big hit with the parents.

From when you step in the door and look left. 

Another "blue willow" inspired project.

All in all, I think it was a great Open Hoise and I certainly had a lot of people pop on in. Hope you enjoyed this small look at the classroom! 

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