Friday, March 24, 2017

Why I love taking my class to camp

One of the major perks of teaching sixth grade is that each year we attend "science camp" for a week.  Now there are some teachers who would consider this a really big negative, but I absolutely love it. Here are my tip top reasons out of about 100.

The camp we attend Caritas Creek at CYO Camp is a faith based camp ( I teach at a Catholic  school) and it is a major bonus to have the kids experience God in nature. Camp uses an acronym SONG. SONG stands for Self, Others, Nature, and God. Over the course of the week, the themes of the day relate to new discoveries, connections, and change. Looking at those things in ourselves, in the nature around us, and in the people that we meet.

We do not bring parents with us, so for some of the kids this is their first experience away from home. Observing them learn independence is fascinating.

I get to see my students in a different light. Not the disciplinarian, "did you put your name on your paper", "Why don't you have your homework?" captain that leads the classroom. The kids get to be free and uninhibited. I love watching them in their natural state.